How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle Without Fat

If you have read articles about building muscle without gaining fat, you will know that this is very difficult. Most advocate that in order to gain muscle your caloric intake should increase, but to lose or at least not gain fat your caloric intake should be lowered. This is true to a point, but you can also think of it as “turning fat into muscle”. This does not mean fat can be turned into muscle, but if we train properly we can burn fat which will give us more energy to build muscle, making the two closely correlated.


  1. Determine your optimal caloric intake for building lean muscle. This will be higher than your normal caloric intake but because of exercise these extra calories will be used for the good of mankind (aka muscle building) instead of the dark side (fat).
  2. To determine the optimal caloric intake first calculate your BMR: is 24 x (weight in kg) x (1 for men or 0.9 for women). Take this number and multiply by your activity level (Sedentary = 1.2, Lightly active = 1.375, Moderately active = 1.55, Very active = BMR X 1. 725, Extremely active =BMR X 1.9) If your resultant number seems too high, go one activity level lower and try that.
  3. After you determine your daily caloric intake you need to figure out what to eat and when to eat in order to ensure that your food is being used by your body to maximize muscle growth and minimization of storing calories s fat.
    • Carbs are the muscle building food but if you have to many they will be stored as fat since they are not used. The times to have carbs are around the time you workout. Carbs before your workout out give you sustained energy throughout your workout and carbs after will fuel the muscle rebuilding process. You also need to remember to have protein consistently throughout the day, in the morning and post workout being the most important times. Furthermore if you feel you are taking in too many carbs stick to carbs post workout only and get your energy from your workout through supplements or protein.
  4. Choose the right supplements. Supplements are crucial in muscle building but often times people spending to much on worthless ones. The most important ones include a multivitamin with a amino acid blend, protein powder (not mass gainers or low carb ones), creatine (kre-alkalyn does not put as much if any strain on your kidneys as creatine mono and does not give you a bloat). Some other supplements are l-carnitine which helps metabolize fat, and l-arginine in the form of AAKG which is Arginine Alpha Ketogluarate and is better absorbed by the body. Arginine dilates the veins and helps with nitric oxide production to give you a better muscle pump in the gym. All a muscle pump is, is when the heart pumps more blood into a certain body part than the body part can pump out giving you that “swole” feel and also allow more nutrients to be transported to the muscles.
  5. Throw some weights around in the gym. Create a weight program designed for your goals. If you are looking to lose fat you may need to add some cardio days in your weekly routine, but if you are looking to build muscle and be shredded then some cardio will be fine but not too much since it will break down and eat some muscle you’ve built. In terms of weight training, do splits where you work 1 or 2 areas a day and have a rotating schedule with a couple rest days in between to ensure muscle recovery. E.g. chest and back one day, triceps biceps and shoulder another day, and legs last day and then rest and repeat. In terms of how much you should be working out, more is not better. You should not be in the gym for like 3 or more hours (maybe 2 if lots of people are the and there is waiting involved). Keep it simple to heavy compound movements like bench press, overhead press, deadlift, and squat since they utilize the most muscles making your workout more efficient and effective.


  • All of these steps are guidelines/suggestions. If you find yourself gaining fat or not gaining enough muscle, tweak your weight training routine or meal plan to achieve best results. Furthermore, eat a clean and health diet, but that was obvious. Good luck and remember to stick with it: “Challenge is life’s way of making sure you want something.”

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How To Reduce Tummy Fat

When it comes to motherhood, nothing is as delightful for a woman as this experience.
While becoming a mommy has its charm, the belly fat lingering on your body is there all the same.
The good news is that with a little effort and a few simple tips, you can take control of your body and get your body back.
Your doctor must give you a release after delivery before any exercise and weight loss program should be started.
The whole fitness industry revolves around this theory.
No matter how you decide to do it, you can lose the belly fat.
Whatever path you choose to battle the fat loss, it should amount to lower calorie intake, using food as fuel and increased calorie burn whether you achieve it through diet, exercise or a combination of the two.
Each of us have a different personality, some prefer exercise while others find dieting easier.
Squeeze exercise into your schedule and make an eating plan.
Remember, you don’t have to spend countless hours working out.
Add some strength training even if you get just a few reps in while the baby is sleeping.
If you go for fancier meals, there is a huge assortment of sinfully delicious yet healthy recipes for you.
Don’t let food rule your diet, use food as fuel for your diet.

Lose the Baby Belly- Tip NO 2

Exercise is a must for losing the belly fat and like diet, it should not be something too stressful as it will discourage you in no time at all.

Lose the Baby Belly– Tip NO 1

Stay motivated and focus on your goal.
If you don’t see the results as quickly as you expect, you may get discouraged.

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

These fats are usually called as belly fats as it develops a thick layer of skin near our belly.
In lay man terms it is referred as central obesity and this increases the causes for the cardiovascular diseases.
The reason is that this kind of treatment only leads to a short term solution and not a long term one and another fact is that it may cause severe side effects to our body.
In other words the more calories we burn daily than we eat, the more we lose the excess amount of fat in our body.
Tips to reduce belly fat

As mentioned above the strategy to reduce belly fats involves strict dietary measures and proper simple exercise routines.
  The reduction of fat requires certain type of exercises for various parts of the body and many people tend to forget this point and follow a poor exercise regime.
Interval training

It has been defined as the repetitions of high intensity workouts with a small period of rest in between the routines.
This type of training helps to reduce more fats in the abdomen region and this is called high intensity interval training.
Let me give an example to make it clear, one person can run at his maximum speed for 100 meter and can return back to the starting point by relaxed walking.
Repetition of this exercise is based on the person’s stamina for the workout process.
Balanced diet

A healthy diet actually adds on to the exercise regime and helps in maintaining right amount of calories needed for the body.
The consumption of at least of 200 to 300 grams of fresh fruit and vegetable is encouraged by WHO (World Health Organization).

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